31 August 2017



First of all I'm not a coffee drinker. NO. But I do have it once in a blue moon, when i think i should consume it. I'm a one busy women, sometimes i do need those energy.

So you must think why "I have right to write this if I'm not a coffee person?"
Oh! well I was once a Starbuck employee at Cameron Highland. I WAS, before I've been blacklist. Haha. Hey! its not because I cause any trouble okay! It because I have to quit my job immediately for a better opportunity. Really immediately, its a week before my Coffee Master's test. SAD.

I could have a black apron thou. SIGH.
But making coffee for my whole life is not really my life plan. So I need to jump out ASAP.


So here some TIPS & SUGGESTION for all of you.

BEVERAGE TIPS- Starbucks have three types of milk which are FULL CREAM, LOW FAT & SOY (my freakin favourite). You can't find their soy milk taste at any of store outside. It so soy! Haha. The taste is very light with less sweet. I dont really drink sweet stuff so their soy milk is such a bae. If you didn't request any kind of milk, they will straight away use full cream milk. RIP DIET.

They have three kind of beverage as well, COFFEE, FRAPPUCINO & TEA. A good thing bout strabuck, you can be an artist by modify the drink to your own ART! Food & Beverages is always an art to me! you can describe a person through what they consume. REALLY. TEST ME. I can read you! I always read my customers back then. Haha.

Frappucino is ice blended beverage. You don't order "One venti(large) frappucino" at Starbuck. NO. Frappucino is the title, below the title is actually your option. My favourite is always Soy Green Tea Cream Frappucino with no syrup and no cream. Extra information for you, their Green Tea Powder contain sugar enough, so if you didn't modify the sweetness they will pump the syrup(sugar) in and straight away give you diabetes, and the cream contain vanilla syrup(sugar). SO, RIP BLOOD SUGAR.

All frappucino got cream except for caramel macchiato frappucino. Put cream, extra charge. Some of the frappucino don't have chocolate chip.

So if they ask "you wanna add chocolate chip, miss?". It is extra charge.

If they ask you to ADD anything, it is HUGE possibility of extra charge. Its their job to increase the sales, so its your job to know their system before you want to purchase any drinks. Don't simply scold them cause of extra charge when you don't even bother to ask. Okay?

Americano, Cappucino and Latte DID NOT CONTAIN ANY SUGAR. So don't ask for less sweet. But you can put some by add in certain kind of syrup's flavour. Example, vanilla, hazelnut or caramel. You can play with shots too! Normal shots would be 1-2-2 (dependsbon size). So if you think you need more strong coffee, ask for extra shots. Remember extra shots EXTRA MONEY! My favourite is soy vanilla latte with extra shots. Ask them to do some art on top of your drink. Hehe. Only with latte, you can have the art on top, that's why they call it Latte Art. Well, I only can make love shape. PROUD.

If you have problem with caffeine, you can ask for DECAF. DECAF is non caffeine contain. You can sleep well with this.

The different between Cappucino and Latte is the foam. Cappucino contain foam meanwhile latte have no foam, so if you get foam in your latte, your barista ain't do she/he job properly. Ask them to do a new one. Know your customer's right.

ADL or Asian Dolce Latte, is one kind of coffee that taste like expensive nescafe susu. Haha. This is sweet enough. Don't you gatal gatal add more sugar. DON'T. Its the sweetest coffee in the list. Don't modify it, its already perfect.

Mocha is coffee plus chocolate. You can taste the bitter in sweet. Perfect combo! Their ice/hot chocolate drink is already perfect as well. They have classic and signature chocolate too. You are a Chocolate fan? Choose Signature hot/ice chocolate. The chocolate is more perfect! Caramel macchiato is such a bae too.

The best shots come from LAMA ZOCO machine cause they grind manually, stamp the grind coffee and make a best shots from the machine.

The best shots is between 8-12 seconds.So if you drink a coffee from LAMA ZOCO machine and you can't taste the 'kicks' of the shots. your barista must left your shots more than that time frame.

How can you identify that Starbuck use LAMA ZOCO machine or automatic machine (I can't remember the name)?

Once you enter the starbuck you can hear the noise. Haha. My customer always have heart attack whenever they enter our store. HAHA. So noisy. TANG TANG! HAHA. Well sorry customers, we have to do the best for you. I once had a customer come all way from Cheras to Cameron Highland ONLY to have shots from our store machine. Only certain store remain this antics machine. REAL COFFEE DRINKER will looks for this machine.


Americano and brew coffee have a same price and look but different taste. It's a black coffee WITHOUT sugar. Not a coffee drinker? Don't Order this. DON'T. Some people thought americano and brew coffee is just a same, but they are not. Brew Coffee more thick but less kick. URGH. How do I explain this? taste it by yourself you can tell the different.

For tea, if you having a really stressful day at work and you need to calm your tities, HAHA, choose chamomile tea.Or if you doing MLM at starbuck and you want your customer calmly listen to you, order them this kind of tea. It's really working! If you want to feel fresh, you can always order Mint Blend, the smell is divine!



Okay. If you have EXTRA money. REALLY. ONLY IF YOU HAVE EXTRA MONEY. You can try Salted Caramel cake or Blueberry Cheese Cake. Certain cake is very compatible with your brew coffee. I will come back to this in other entry okay. Oh! almost forget! please do try chocolate muffin or ondeh ondeh! Too much perfect for this two.

For hot meal.

ERM. Save your money to eat at better place. Haha. DON'T YOU EVER EVER EVER EVER spent your money for the soup. MashaAllah NO! Either pumpkin or mushroom. JUST DON'T. Even you are vegetarian. DON'T!

DISCOUNT TIPS- Purchase their tumbler. Serious. It's worthy if you go to starbucks more than you go to work. They have discount RM 2 for that. LOOK AT THE RECEIPT after purchase, if they didn't cut the discount. KINDLY ask for refund. I said kindly okay? They are human too. Mistakes happen. They will give back your RM2. So dont be so fussy bout it.

Apply for Starbucks card! Serious. Purchase more than RM10 to activate your card, register it at and get your card in your phone by download the apps! Each drink you purchase will give you a point, if you collect ten point, you can redeem ONE free GRANDE drink. You can redeem one free donut if you purchase food too. Sometimes, they have double rewards on starbuck card as well. What I try to say here, get the starbuck card, use it like your debit card while purchase any Starbuck's F&B and enjoy all the benefits! It's really worthy!

Starbucks have promotion day and hours too! ERM. usually it gonna happen every Tuesday and Friday from 5PM to 8PM. Sometimes they offer you buy one free one promotions! Starbucks very good in giving promotions. So, like their page at facebook, Starbuck Malaysia to get know more bout promotion and discount.

LASTLY, have a friend who work at Starbucks and use their benefits. HAHA. OMG I'm so evil. haha. Well most of the barista dont mind using their discount for lots of friend. I even use my employee beverages for my man. Haha. We drink enough starbuck stuff so we dont mind share it with our friend.


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