18 September 2017


Okay, I went to Noh Salleh's concert last Saturday, but I thought it gonna be Hujan's performance. I don't even know Hujan didn't exist anymore until I overheard someone said,

"There is no more Noh Hujan", whoever he was said.

"He is Noh Salleh now, don't you know that? It has been decades ago" he continued.

Blergh. Like I have nothing else to care. Okay, but since I've decided to spend my time to watch his concert, I should have known right?

My apology.

So, basically, I don't know anything bout Indie band actually. Haha. But, I know Mizz NiƱa!(Okay, does it even related?)

Back to the concert.

I don't have to pay for the concert's ticket! It's free! Cause they said it a promotion for his single album.

Well I don't know if it's legal to do at the road side and people blocked few inches of the road, but, that's how free concert do I guess. Sometimes imperfection could be so perfect! It still cozy to sit by the road and listen to good songs (busking concept). I've been told that this concert some sort like a road tour of Noh Salleh. Its located at Kedai Khopi Shocka, Penang. Hmmm, I never knew this kedai kopi exist, but I sure gonna comeback and try the F&B.

I arrived there quite late, so, I basically have no idea how many song he sang. But, I only have chance listened to 5 song of him, which I only knew one of it. Haha.

Oh, god! I'm such a useless fan.
Sorry Noh.

Okay, okay to cover up my noobness , here I attach the lyrics from the song that I knew:

Dalam silauan cahaya,
Membatas pandangan mata,
Namun jelas Ku lihat kamu,
Biarpun Ku sedar kau kian jauh,
Tinggalkan aku yang rapuh,

##Angin kencang membawa kau jauh ke Sana,
kau hilang terus Tanpa khabar,
Tidur Malam Ku mimpi indah ingat kamu,
Ku merindui kamu.

apa yang Ku fikirkan,
Inilah penyiksaan,
Biarpun beribu tahun,
Dan namun kau sentiasa di hatiku,
Menuai senyuman mu,

Repeat the double hashtag until the end of the music.
Thank you (I actually only know the double hashtag part. Thank you Google. Haha)

I never thought he is so handsome and very manly look. He look OK in the picture but surprisingly charming outside. And his voice can blew your heart away! His voice sounds exactly like his recording voice. So amazing! I'm not sure of his song, but, he can hypnotized me with his voice. Handsome and talented such a bae.

I enjoyed his performance so much! Really! Next time if you saw his concert promotion. Buy the ticket! He won't disappoint you.


He's a joker too.
If he saw you eat in front of him while he sing and he hungry. You might have to donate your food to him. Really. He will ask for your food. Haha. He's so cool and not that diva type. You'll feel like you had a friend that can sing and he force you to attend his concert. That kind of connection, you could feel in his concert.

Noh, if you read this, which is not. Haha, just keep doing your art through your song. I'm not a big fan of yours before, but I pinky swear I will start to listen to your beautiful piece after this. All of it. Thank you for these great songs!

So, anyone can bring me to Korean concert?
Oh, It's expensive doesn't it? And I don't even understand it.
Just, Indie band concert then.

15 September 2017


He. Who shall not be name.
He. Who shall not be show.

Why he sounds like Lord Voldemort? Haha.

I knew lots of guy before I meet him. None of them like my man now.


What I did for God to send him to me. I. Have. No. Idea. But I might be do something good then, cause he is beyond perfect. I wont tell you how I knew him, cause you might be lucky to guess it right. Which I don't want it to happen.


All I can say, I close with him out of sudden. UNEXPECTEDLY. Too unexpected until I can't celebrate any monthsary if you ask me to. I don't have a date that can embrace for us to remember.It just happen, None of us plan anything.


He is very strict and stubborn guy I ever knew, When he say NO.

He means NO.

Even my very sexy voice tone wont change his mind. Well, its either I'm not sexy enough, or he's too strict. I'm confused right now. Okay, maybe cause I sounds like an old geese when I'm trying to be sexy. Don't blame him then.
He not kind of guy who will buy expensive stuff for me, buy a bunch of roses for me. Not even expensive food, but he will make sure I don't starve myself. He teach me, money has nothing to do with love without saying it.

He got his own way that no other guy has.

He don't simply say, 'I love you' or 'I miss you' regularly.
Only if I ask,

"Sayang, do you love me?"

(If he's not in a good mood)

"Sayang, do you love me?"

"Yes, I do"
Without even looking straight in my eyes.
(If he's in a good mood)


Not a romantic type. Which I don't mind at all. Cause he just perfect for very clingy, attention seeker, and please-help-me-with-everything girl like me.
He always there for me.

He do.

Even he has to buy bus's ticket and took long journey for me.

He will.

But still he will never say 'I love you'. Haha.

I'm having a very stressful life. Burden smack my face from up, down, left, right. People keep saying bad things to me, treat me like a fucking shit. But I ain't tell him none of these things.

"Can you say something good to me?", I asked.

"I love you", he said.

I gasped and slowly put my phone on table. Walk to the toilet and cry hard. Only God know how heavy my tears was.

I could have a pond with some gold fish in the sink. Such a warm word for my broken heart.
I was expecting,

"What's wrong?" (he like to answer question with question). Blergh.

"You are kind, cute, chubby, not so smart girl and bla...bla...bla..."

But, NO. He said "I love you", a sentence that I need the most.
Okay, Let's hope he didn't type that cause he lazy. SIGH.

But I don't care, I love you more, my unicorn!

I really love this guy so much who I will never get marry to. Yah, we will not.

I always believe, "a good man for a good women" and "a good women for a good guy". He is a good man.
I know he will marry THAT good women.
He know he will marry THAT good women.\

So, this love story of us will just end when he decide to get marry. Reason why I never tired to make a good memories with him. Cause I want to remember good things with him when people mention his name in the future.
Which I hope he will still take a long time to make that decision. Haha.

For now, I love you sayang.

Darimu Ku mengenal arti kekuatan,
Hadirmu Semua indah,
Dalam Diriku bertempat hanyalah kamu,
Melengkapi Diriku,

Bintang malam setia seperti dirimu,
Tetap pudar menghilang tiada gantimu,
Dan ku masih terasa degupan jantungmu,
Tanpamu ku kan rapuh,

This song will always be for you, cause it has you name in it!

Oh, I told him I blog bout him,
Guess, he will still never read my blog. Haha.

11 September 2017


I was craving for something sweet and creamy. That can neutralize my acidic hormone. Gosh, my hyperbola is so suck. BLERGH. I'm having a life crisis that cause me to be very hormonal and emotional. Haha. Then, I saw this very purple and attractive packaging that showed me a combination of Cadbury and Oreo. What. The. Combination. Is. That.

But I didn't buy it. Haha. (Well I'm having a hormonal life tho). So, I purposely didn't buy it and make myself sad and suffer.

Why do I born as a women I have no idea. SIGH.
Too complicated.

Then I was lucky as my very thoughtful, patience and understanding man bought this Cadbury 'limited edition' for me (so hard to get okay). O. M. G. but with smaller size lah. Well, it deter my smile a bit, haha, but he melts my heart as usual.

But a few flowers with the chocolate will be nice.
But a few romantic notes with the chocolate will be romantic.

Just a suggestion. Haha.

The moment I touched the packaging of the chocolate, it's a little bit squishy. Maybe because of the store didn't cold enough or the texture is neutrally like that, I have no idea.

Cause I love to eat a little bit melt chocolate. So, I can lick my fingers in sexy way in front of my man.

Okay, what the hell is that?
HAHA. Ignore my inappropriate sentence and back to the chocolate shall we?

Whoever give this idea of combining Cadbury with Oreo, someone should give this guy an awards! It's so cream and come with Oreo bits for you to mix in your mouth. You will have something that you can bite and squish with your tongue. Isn't that heaven enough?!

It is so mouth watering.

A bit of advise. Prepare a PLAIN water with you. PLAIN. Or else you will feel funny in your stomach that makes you feel like throwing up. Especially if you combine it with chocolate or milky beverage.

URGH. I feel sick already.

Sour or plain water will do, cause this chocolate is sweet enough. So have a good combination okay?

So anyone have a good suggestion on desert? Cause I start to feel hormonal again. SIGH.

My man, please take note. Thanks.

5 September 2017


Just get back from GIG concert in The Carnival Theme Park at Sungai Petani. It's my first time! Purely first time. I'm absolutely excited! Cause I have no idea what GIG gonna looks like.


They told me it is underground concert. So, I thought it gonna be like Hujan's concert or Hujan's concert.


And I don't even know if Hujan is an underground band. I only know they are Indie band.

Oh, wait!

Indie band = underground band, right? Okay, so basically I knew a group. Haha. Such a noob. So, since I never been to GIG concert. I decided to spend RM25 for the concert's ticket. However, if you purchase earlier, it gonna be RM20. If you are last minute people, you need to pay extra RM5 as it like penalty to you. Haha.

Okay, you just need the ticket and they will tie a cable tie at your hand's wrist. They put color on the cable tie so you can't bluff and enter for free. For a second, I thought it was a glow in the dark bangle, so you can enjoy the show with the light, so you can "" while waving your lighted bangle.

But, it's not! They just don't want you to cheat. Haha.


The moment I enter the hall, there already a group performed called FSF.


I'm so confused. Haha. The hall really hot! Not even one air-conditioner function. I feels like I paid RM25 for Sauna and I got free loud music and hysterical people. The hall was dark with no air, but people keep moving vigorously and supply more carbon dioxide and heat in there. Head bang, jump non-stop with irregular pattern, screaming, shouting, kicking someone ass and more extreme attitude. Could you imagine how hot it be? Yah! extremely hot.


How I'm gonna appreciate this kind of music?! It's a ska punk kindda music. Can you imagine me with black eyeliner on my whole eyes, black lipstick on my lips?


Most of the time I can only listen 'ra..ra..ra' from the singer mouth. It sounds pretty cute sometimes but I have no idea what he saying and I can't even nod my head with the rythms! I'M DEAD. This is so not me. But I think I should give myself a chance in this hotness since I already paid the ticket. So it has to be worthy somehow! I try to absorb everything and appreciate it.


But then, they announce the last band (main band) that gonna perform. PLAGUE OF HAPPINESS. They not even sing yet, but I was like, Ah, finally God send someone who gonna give me happiness at this really hot place. THANK GOD.

And they do!

They played trumpet and saxophone on stage and my head automatically know how to dance. Amazing!

It's a reggae kindda music! I guess.
Uh, my man would love this if he was there!

Since he has kenduri, I can't joy the music with him. But both of us dancing in my heart. Oh! I'm such a romantic person. Haha. I enjoyed the music so much and I didnt even bother the hotness anymore. People danced in circle, sang the song together. Everybody enjoyed the moment so much. Oh! I finally caught some lyrics, they are Adijawa and another one is Fuck the authority. ERM. Okay at least I caught something don't I?


Music is very universal. People deliver it in so much way. Well, my kind of genre always would be R&B, POP or smooth music. Oh, cause I'm a one soft young lady. Haha. I learnt something anyway! We need to explore, experienced how other people see something, hear something and feel something in DIFFERENT WAY. Not only in our way. I didn't said we should change our style. UNDERSTAND people style. Didn't mean you pay expensive ticket for expensive artist make you a better person in music.

These underground artist they have a better lyrics, better music soul somehow. Well if you understand the lyrics lah. Haha. But true! they have hidden meaning in each of the lyrics. You might see them as no-future-people as they apply music in a rough way. If you say so, it's funny because they keep remind us about solat and not to take any drugs or alcohol.

"Dah solat asar, belum?"
"Jangan lupa solat maghrib"
"Jangan ambil dadah", remind us.

Each. Time.

Haven't I tell you there is no air-conditioner in there cause they are not allowed to and not because they don't want to?

So, don't be so judgmental, They just have different way.

Ok, sayang, can we go Rock the World on December at Bukit jalil, please?

Ok, I don't even get that soft drink!

Whoever they are.

The ticket that cost me RM25
They are husband and wife enjoy GIG together, how lovely!
They make me feel like sweet seventeen! Haha
My gal with whoever his name was...

Ayie enjoyed it pretty much

This dark okay, i could accidentally touch someone boobies. SIGH.

So, you understand what I mean? I hope he's fine. 

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