11 September 2017


I was craving for something sweet and creamy. That can neutralize my acidic hormone. Gosh, my hyperbola is so suck. BLERGH. I'm having a life crisis that cause me to be very hormonal and emotional. Haha. Then, I saw this very purple and attractive packaging that showed me a combination of Cadbury and Oreo. What. The. Combination. Is. That.

But I didn't buy it. Haha. (Well I'm having a hormonal life tho). So, I purposely didn't buy it and make myself sad and suffer.

Why do I born as a women I have no idea. SIGH.
Too complicated.

Then I was lucky as my very thoughtful, patience and understanding man bought this Cadbury 'limited edition' for me (so hard to get okay). O. M. G. but with smaller size lah. Well, it deter my smile a bit, haha, but he melts my heart as usual.

But a few flowers with the chocolate will be nice.
But a few romantic notes with the chocolate will be romantic.

Just a suggestion. Haha.

The moment I touched the packaging of the chocolate, it's a little bit squishy. Maybe because of the store didn't cold enough or the texture is neutrally like that, I have no idea.

Cause I love to eat a little bit melt chocolate. So, I can lick my fingers in sexy way in front of my man.

Okay, what the hell is that?
HAHA. Ignore my inappropriate sentence and back to the chocolate shall we?

Whoever give this idea of combining Cadbury with Oreo, someone should give this guy an awards! It's so cream and come with Oreo bits for you to mix in your mouth. You will have something that you can bite and squish with your tongue. Isn't that heaven enough?!

It is so mouth watering.

A bit of advise. Prepare a PLAIN water with you. PLAIN. Or else you will feel funny in your stomach that makes you feel like throwing up. Especially if you combine it with chocolate or milky beverage.

URGH. I feel sick already.

Sour or plain water will do, cause this chocolate is sweet enough. So have a good combination okay?

So anyone have a good suggestion on desert? Cause I start to feel hormonal again. SIGH.

My man, please take note. Thanks.


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