15 September 2017


He. Who shall not be name.
He. Who shall not be show.

Why he sounds like Lord Voldemort? Haha.

I knew lots of guy before I meet him. None of them like my man now.


What I did for God to send him to me. I. Have. No. Idea. But I might be do something good then, cause he is beyond perfect. I wont tell you how I knew him, cause you might be lucky to guess it right. Which I don't want it to happen.


All I can say, I close with him out of sudden. UNEXPECTEDLY. Too unexpected until I can't celebrate any monthsary if you ask me to. I don't have a date that can embrace for us to remember.It just happen, None of us plan anything.


He is very strict and stubborn guy I ever knew, When he say NO.

He means NO.

Even my very sexy voice tone wont change his mind. Well, its either I'm not sexy enough, or he's too strict. I'm confused right now. Okay, maybe cause I sounds like an old geese when I'm trying to be sexy. Don't blame him then.
He not kind of guy who will buy expensive stuff for me, buy a bunch of roses for me. Not even expensive food, but he will make sure I don't starve myself. He teach me, money has nothing to do with love without saying it.

He got his own way that no other guy has.

He don't simply say, 'I love you' or 'I miss you' regularly.
Only if I ask,

"Sayang, do you love me?"

(If he's not in a good mood)

"Sayang, do you love me?"

"Yes, I do"
Without even looking straight in my eyes.
(If he's in a good mood)


Not a romantic type. Which I don't mind at all. Cause he just perfect for very clingy, attention seeker, and please-help-me-with-everything girl like me.
He always there for me.

He do.

Even he has to buy bus's ticket and took long journey for me.

He will.

But still he will never say 'I love you'. Haha.

I'm having a very stressful life. Burden smack my face from up, down, left, right. People keep saying bad things to me, treat me like a fucking shit. But I ain't tell him none of these things.

"Can you say something good to me?", I asked.

"I love you", he said.

I gasped and slowly put my phone on table. Walk to the toilet and cry hard. Only God know how heavy my tears was.

I could have a pond with some gold fish in the sink. Such a warm word for my broken heart.
I was expecting,

"What's wrong?" (he like to answer question with question). Blergh.

"You are kind, cute, chubby, not so smart girl and bla...bla...bla..."

But, NO. He said "I love you", a sentence that I need the most.
Okay, Let's hope he didn't type that cause he lazy. SIGH.

But I don't care, I love you more, my unicorn!

I really love this guy so much who I will never get marry to. Yah, we will not.

I always believe, "a good man for a good women" and "a good women for a good guy". He is a good man.
I know he will marry THAT good women.
He know he will marry THAT good women.\

So, this love story of us will just end when he decide to get marry. Reason why I never tired to make a good memories with him. Cause I want to remember good things with him when people mention his name in the future.
Which I hope he will still take a long time to make that decision. Haha.

For now, I love you sayang.

Darimu Ku mengenal arti kekuatan,
Hadirmu Semua indah,
Dalam Diriku bertempat hanyalah kamu,
Melengkapi Diriku,

Bintang malam setia seperti dirimu,
Tetap pudar menghilang tiada gantimu,
Dan ku masih terasa degupan jantungmu,
Tanpamu ku kan rapuh,

This song will always be for you, cause it has you name in it!

Oh, I told him I blog bout him,
Guess, he will still never read my blog. Haha.

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  1. Auchhh! Syabil too romantic on his way. Uyul pun rindu nak dgr Redza cakap I Love You camtu, tapi mana mungkin kan. Hahaha. Ex gonna be ex.


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