5 September 2017


Just get back from GIG concert in The Carnival Theme Park at Sungai Petani. It's my first time! Purely first time. I'm absolutely excited! Cause I have no idea what GIG gonna looks like.


They told me it is underground concert. So, I thought it gonna be like Hujan's concert or Hujan's concert.


And I don't even know if Hujan is an underground band. I only know they are Indie band.

Oh, wait!

Indie band = underground band, right? Okay, so basically I knew a group. Haha. Such a noob. So, since I never been to GIG concert. I decided to spend RM25 for the concert's ticket. However, if you purchase earlier, it gonna be RM20. If you are last minute people, you need to pay extra RM5 as it like penalty to you. Haha.

Okay, you just need the ticket and they will tie a cable tie at your hand's wrist. They put color on the cable tie so you can't bluff and enter for free. For a second, I thought it was a glow in the dark bangle, so you can enjoy the show with the light, so you can "" while waving your lighted bangle.

But, it's not! They just don't want you to cheat. Haha.


The moment I enter the hall, there already a group performed called FSF.


I'm so confused. Haha. The hall really hot! Not even one air-conditioner function. I feels like I paid RM25 for Sauna and I got free loud music and hysterical people. The hall was dark with no air, but people keep moving vigorously and supply more carbon dioxide and heat in there. Head bang, jump non-stop with irregular pattern, screaming, shouting, kicking someone ass and more extreme attitude. Could you imagine how hot it be? Yah! extremely hot.


How I'm gonna appreciate this kind of music?! It's a ska punk kindda music. Can you imagine me with black eyeliner on my whole eyes, black lipstick on my lips?


Most of the time I can only listen 'ra..ra..ra' from the singer mouth. It sounds pretty cute sometimes but I have no idea what he saying and I can't even nod my head with the rythms! I'M DEAD. This is so not me. But I think I should give myself a chance in this hotness since I already paid the ticket. So it has to be worthy somehow! I try to absorb everything and appreciate it.


But then, they announce the last band (main band) that gonna perform. PLAGUE OF HAPPINESS. They not even sing yet, but I was like, Ah, finally God send someone who gonna give me happiness at this really hot place. THANK GOD.

And they do!

They played trumpet and saxophone on stage and my head automatically know how to dance. Amazing!

It's a reggae kindda music! I guess.
Uh, my man would love this if he was there!

Since he has kenduri, I can't joy the music with him. But both of us dancing in my heart. Oh! I'm such a romantic person. Haha. I enjoyed the music so much and I didnt even bother the hotness anymore. People danced in circle, sang the song together. Everybody enjoyed the moment so much. Oh! I finally caught some lyrics, they are Adijawa and another one is Fuck the authority. ERM. Okay at least I caught something don't I?


Music is very universal. People deliver it in so much way. Well, my kind of genre always would be R&B, POP or smooth music. Oh, cause I'm a one soft young lady. Haha. I learnt something anyway! We need to explore, experienced how other people see something, hear something and feel something in DIFFERENT WAY. Not only in our way. I didn't said we should change our style. UNDERSTAND people style. Didn't mean you pay expensive ticket for expensive artist make you a better person in music.

These underground artist they have a better lyrics, better music soul somehow. Well if you understand the lyrics lah. Haha. But true! they have hidden meaning in each of the lyrics. You might see them as no-future-people as they apply music in a rough way. If you say so, it's funny because they keep remind us about solat and not to take any drugs or alcohol.

"Dah solat asar, belum?"
"Jangan lupa solat maghrib"
"Jangan ambil dadah", remind us.

Each. Time.

Haven't I tell you there is no air-conditioner in there cause they are not allowed to and not because they don't want to?

So, don't be so judgmental, They just have different way.

Ok, sayang, can we go Rock the World on December at Bukit jalil, please?

Ok, I don't even get that soft drink!

Whoever they are.

The ticket that cost me RM25
They are husband and wife enjoy GIG together, how lovely!
They make me feel like sweet seventeen! Haha
My gal with whoever his name was...

Ayie enjoyed it pretty much

This dark okay, i could accidentally touch someone boobies. SIGH.

So, you understand what I mean? I hope he's fine. 

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