18 September 2017


Okay, I went to Noh Salleh's concert last Saturday, but I thought it gonna be Hujan's performance. I don't even know Hujan didn't exist anymore until I overheard someone said,

"There is no more Noh Hujan", whoever he was said.

"He is Noh Salleh now, don't you know that? It has been decades ago" he continued.

Blergh. Like I have nothing else to care. Okay, but since I've decided to spend my time to watch his concert, I should have known right?

My apology.

So, basically, I don't know anything bout Indie band actually. Haha. But, I know Mizz NiƱa!(Okay, does it even related?)

Back to the concert.

I don't have to pay for the concert's ticket! It's free! Cause they said it a promotion for his single album.

Well I don't know if it's legal to do at the road side and people blocked few inches of the road, but, that's how free concert do I guess. Sometimes imperfection could be so perfect! It still cozy to sit by the road and listen to good songs (busking concept). I've been told that this concert some sort like a road tour of Noh Salleh. Its located at Kedai Khopi Shocka, Penang. Hmmm, I never knew this kedai kopi exist, but I sure gonna comeback and try the F&B.

I arrived there quite late, so, I basically have no idea how many song he sang. But, I only have chance listened to 5 song of him, which I only knew one of it. Haha.

Oh, god! I'm such a useless fan.
Sorry Noh.

Okay, okay to cover up my noobness , here I attach the lyrics from the song that I knew:

Dalam silauan cahaya,
Membatas pandangan mata,
Namun jelas Ku lihat kamu,
Biarpun Ku sedar kau kian jauh,
Tinggalkan aku yang rapuh,

##Angin kencang membawa kau jauh ke Sana,
kau hilang terus Tanpa khabar,
Tidur Malam Ku mimpi indah ingat kamu,
Ku merindui kamu.

apa yang Ku fikirkan,
Inilah penyiksaan,
Biarpun beribu tahun,
Dan namun kau sentiasa di hatiku,
Menuai senyuman mu,

Repeat the double hashtag until the end of the music.
Thank you (I actually only know the double hashtag part. Thank you Google. Haha)

I never thought he is so handsome and very manly look. He look OK in the picture but surprisingly charming outside. And his voice can blew your heart away! His voice sounds exactly like his recording voice. So amazing! I'm not sure of his song, but, he can hypnotized me with his voice. Handsome and talented such a bae.

I enjoyed his performance so much! Really! Next time if you saw his concert promotion. Buy the ticket! He won't disappoint you.


He's a joker too.
If he saw you eat in front of him while he sing and he hungry. You might have to donate your food to him. Really. He will ask for your food. Haha. He's so cool and not that diva type. You'll feel like you had a friend that can sing and he force you to attend his concert. That kind of connection, you could feel in his concert.

Noh, if you read this, which is not. Haha, just keep doing your art through your song. I'm not a big fan of yours before, but I pinky swear I will start to listen to your beautiful piece after this. All of it. Thank you for these great songs!

So, anyone can bring me to Korean concert?
Oh, It's expensive doesn't it? And I don't even understand it.
Just, Indie band concert then.


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