20 December 2017


Did you know if you do good in Dunya, you will have credit to name persons that you want to meet in Jannah, once you be able to enter it? 

This guy is one of the name I wanna mention to God if I couldnt find him. 

(In heaven)

I'll be like, "Allah, do you remember a guy that you send to me when I was down to earth?"

"Ya, that annoying guy that always keep me safe and always remind me of You when I'm lost."

"Can you send him over, cause I cant find him around, well you know, this Heaven of yours have seven level of it, too big for me to look around"(Allah must be annoyed of me so much, haha, keep on asking things since I was alived)

Today, he turns 25. And I will let u know why he deserve this post. I've been knowing him since I was 19, and he annoyed me more when I was 23.

You know I never meet a good guy except guys in my family. I know this guy looks very naughty, little bit casanova sometimes (okay, he's too caring and busybody actually. Haha), sometimes he looks like bad ass guy but he actually NOT at all (suprisingly).

I couldnt describe to you how too kind he is. Too much kind hearted guy. He do anything for people that he loves and only blind people could not realize that. And a thing that impressed me the most about him is his reliance towards Allah. Well, he rarely show it physically but all his thought, he always has Allah with him. 

I remember a moment that both of us broke af, and I was freakin out, and words that come out from his mouth,

"In sha Allah, nanti okay lah ni
"Dosa camne pon sembahyang je, doa je, Allah know"

Simple but yet beautiful. Allah must be like, "that's right man!".

Cause everything start to fall into places in his life, he dont manage to graduate on time but did you know he got a job before he graduate? And he got that job with his own sweat? Not using any link or any easy method? 

He been rejected by so many companies, he managed to get a job but he cant go for it due to some reasons. 

"I need a work place that near my house, I've been away from my family for too long, its time for me to take care of my family, in sha Allah ada rezeki kerja sini" he said. 

With Allah bless.

He managed to graduate, he got a job before graduation, his work place just 10 minutes away from his house and Allah offers him an Engineer position! (its not easy to find this position nowadays okay)

Did you see how Allah give us bonus when we pray to Him? Allah is The Most Merciful. 

He always feel left out in his study and can you imagine he is one of the Engineer in our class now? 

Allah is the greatest. 

Through all his struggle he never miss out to look out for his friend, me. He dont like I told his life story to other people cause he feel ashamed.

But, because of his life story and how great his love towards Allah that inspired people like me to keep believe everything will be alright. I need to share this. 

We need more story like this to be shared in this sick society. Someone need to know that Allah's plan everything specifically in our life in His most beautiful way.

We just need to believe in Him and transfer all our worries to The Greatest Al-Mighty. 

Dear Syabil, I'm not sure if you read this but I will make sure your children read this and know how great his father's believe towards his God and how he could able to handle struggle in his life. Thank you for all the kindness that u did in my life. 

May tears of sorrow never touch your eyes. And may He never let your smile leaves your face.

P/s: i do all this by myself keyh. Please be impress cause you have no idea how hard it was. Hahaha. Hats off to all the florist that have to make thousand of bonquet in their life for money. 

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